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Marimar Episode 73

Marimar Episode 73 – The one where Marimar slaps Sergio and swears vengeance

Angelika drops the bomb: Sergio’s and Marimar’s marriage was a fake.

Sinong mag-aakalang ang basurang si Marimar, isa palang heredera. Sayang, kung nalaman lang ito ni Sergio agad, baka tinotoo pa niya ang kasal ninyo. (Who would have thought that the lowly Marimar would turn out to be an heiress. Had Sergio known it before, he may have made your marriage legal.)

She rubs it, “Hindi mo pala siya tunay na asawa dahil ang kasal nyo ay peke isang kasinungalingan, isang kalokohan.” (You’re not really married because it was all a fake. It was all lies.)

Marimar is now in tears and tries to digest what Angelika declared. She looks at Sergio who is now seething with anger for his ex-girlfriend but also remorse for his stupidity thinking no one would ever discover his secret. He remains silent, afraid to further make matters worse.

Angelika continues her attack, “Bakit Marimar, hindi mo ba gusto ang narinig mo?” (Didn’t you like what you heard?)

Marimar tries to defend herself and Sergio at first declaring the impossibility of their marriage being a fake when the official of the municipality itself married them off. Angelika refutes that Sergio paid off that official to ensure their marriage to be illegal. “Walang bisa ang kasal ninyo. Kasal-kasalan lang iyon.”

Marimar tells Angelika to shut up. This only causes Angelika to bait Marimar into asking Sergio. Marimar now confronts Sergio as Angelika smiles sweetly, clearly winning this battle.

Sergio sabihin mo sa akin ang katotohanan. Kalokohan lang ang sinasabi ni Angelika hindi ba? (Tell me the truth. Angelika is lying isn’t she?)

Sergio couldn’t even begin to speak, prompting Marimar to doubt their marriage, “O kalokohan ang kasal nating dalawa?” (Or was our marriage the lie?) She forces Sergio to tell her which one is the truth.

Back at Santibanez Motors, Antonio is shocked at Arturo’s revelations that Sergio’s and Marimar’s wedding is nothing but a fake. Arturo explains that at first Sergio had no intention of going through with his and Marimar’s wedding. He just wanted to use Marimar to make Angelika jealous and to get back at his father for marrying his girlfriend. So Sergio arranged everything with someone from the municipality to make it look like a wedding.

Ibig mong sabihin nagsama sila bilang mag-asawa pero hindi sila totoong kasal?” Antonio is still in shock. He couldn’t believe how Sergio had just used Marimar, living with her and treating her as his wife when all that time, their marriage was a fake.

Sergio sabihin mo sa akin ang totoo. Peke ba ang kasal natin o hindi.” She asks Sergio to tell her right there and then but he pleads he will explain if they are alone together and not when others are around – like at that moment, Angelika is happily gloating behind him.

But Marimar is not listening to him anymore. All she wants to know is the truth about their wedding. She also wants to know it right now. She cries feeling hurt, frustrated and afraid that she would not like what the truth will bring.

Sergio tries to change the subject as Marimar’s tears fall, “Ayaw kong nakikitang umiiyak ka eh.” (I don’t want to see you crying.)

Ayaw mo akong makitang umiiyak pero patuloy mo akong pinaiiyak.” (You don’t want seeing me cry but you continue to make me cry.)

Please naman pakinggan mo ako.” (Please listen to me)

Sabihin mo sa akin ang totoo.” (Tell me the truth)

Angelika butts in, “Sergio umamin ka na, dala ko ang katibayan” she waves the envelope, telling both that she has got the evidence with her.

Tumahimik ka!” Sergio turns to Angelika and slaps her hard shouting at her to shut up. He faces Marimar, eyes pleading.

So Arturo….” Antonio thinks and shakes his head, “sira ba ang ulo nitong si Sergio? Ginamit lang niya si Marimar?” He still couldn’t imagine how Sergio could be brutally heartless to the point of lunacy.

But Arturo defends his crush, “Na-inlab naman talaga si Sergio kay Marimar eh. Di ba halos mabaliw na nga ang lolo mo kakahabol sa jowa-jowaan niya?” Sergio did truly fall for Marimar in the course of their relationship. It is obvious how he adores her, how he continues to pursue her.

Arturo this changes everything. Kapag nalaman ni Marimar ang sikretong ito, wala nang pag-asa na magkabalikan sila ni Marimar, lalo na sa anak niyang si Cruzita.” Antonio explains how this could affest Sergio’s still very fragile relations with Marimar and could lose him the chance to become Cruzita’s father.

Sergio tries to calm Marimar down and apologises, “Patawarin mo ako.” Then he admits the truth, “Pero totoo. Peke ang kasal natin.” (Forgive me but it’s true. Our marriage was fake.)

Marimar is now full of anger and hate as she slaps Sergio hard, Angelika still nursing the sting caused by Sergio’s hand can only smile as the couple breaks apart.

Upstairs in her bedroom, Cruzita is asking Corazon about her parents’ wedding. “Nung kinasal nandun ka ba?” She asks her nanny whether Corazon was present on her parents’ wedding. The ex-cook told the young child that she wasn’t although she saw both afterwards and exclaimed that Cruzita’s mom looked very pretty and that Marimar was truly in love with her father.

In the garden, the battle had only just began with Marimar exploding, years of pain and hardship now a massive ball of hatred that she unleashes to the only man she loved, “Walang hiya ka! Bakit mo ginawa sa akin ito? Anong kasalanan ko sa iyo?” (How dare you! How could you do this to me? What wrong did I ever do to you?)

Angelika now sure of the Marimar-Sergio break up adds more insult to injury, “Pinakasalan ka ni Sergio para pagselosin ako. Yun lang.” (He married you so he could get back at me. That’s that.)

Marimar stops and looks questioningly at her fake husband looking for some form of denial or confirmation, “Totoo ba ito Sergio?” Angelika’s laugh confirms Sergio’s silence.

He tries to explain, “Napaka-immature ko pa noon, padalos-dalos ang mga desisyon ko. Aaminin ko, ginawa ko yon para pagselosin si Angelika pero dati pa iyon, Marimar pinagsisihan ko ang ginawa ko. Maniwala ka sa akin.” (I was so immature back then and made foolish and hasty decisions. I admit I did that to make Angelika jealous at first but that is not the case anymore. I’ve regretted what I’ve done in the past, believe me.)

Marimar is now hardened by her hate as she slaps Sergio again and shouts at him, “Walang hiya ka, manloloko ka! Bakit mo ako ginamit?” (How dare you fool me! How could you use me?)

Sergio grabs her as he tries to explain his side but she is no longer open to reason. She exclaims, “Bitawan mo ako. Alam mo kung anong tingin ko sa inyo? Nandidiri ako sa inyong dalawa.” (Let me go! Do you know what I think about you? I loathe you!) Marimar looks at them both to mean she can’t bear to see the both of them.

Angelika reacts, still the bi-atch, “Bakit pati ako dinamay mo? Buti nga sinabi ko pa sa iyo.” (Why include me? You ought to be thankful that I told you.)

Marimar screams at them, “Magsama kayong dalawa!” (To hell with the both of you!)

Sergio pleads, “Marimar please, pinagsisisihan ko na lahat ng ginawa ko at kaya kong ituwid lahat ng pagkakamali ko. Maniwala ka sa akin.” (I’ve regretted all that I’ve done and ready to right all the wrongs I’ve made. Believe me and give me that chance.)

Marimar is in too much pain as she tells her husband, “Sergio sinabi mo sa akin na hindi mo na ako sasaktan.” (But you told me a while ago that you’d never hurt me again.)

Totoo hindi kita sasaktan.” ( I wouldn’t hurt you again.)

Sinasaktan mo ako!” (You are hurting me now!)

Sergio halika na.” (Let’s go Sergio) Angelika calls Sergio to go and leave with him.

Corazon and Cruzita continue to talk about Sergio and Marimar’s wedding. Corazon tells the child that all her mom wanted was to marry Sergio. Cruzita asks about Sergio, to which Corazon replies that of course, Sergio loves her mom otherwise he wouldn’t have asked her to marry him. Unknown to them, this very issue of the fateful wedding is unfolding in the garden downstairs.

Marimar tells Sergio, “Alam mo kung anong pinakamaligayang araw sa buhay ko? Nung pinakasalan mo ako. Dahil sino ba ako noon? Isang mangmang na walang alam, na pinulot mo, na binigyan mo ng sapatos…” (Did you know that our wedding day was the happiest day of my life? Who was I then? Some simple, naïve lass you’ve taken a liking to, given a pair of shoes to her unshod feet…)

Hindi totoo yan Marimar mahal kita.” (That’s not true Marimar, I love you.)

Tama na wala na akong papakinggan, puro ka kasinungalingan! Manggagamit ka, manloloko.” (Enough, I don’t want to hear anymore of your lies. You’re such a user, you make fools out of people.)


Alam mo kung ano ang pagkakamali ko? Minahal kita ng higit sa buhay ko. Anong ginawa mo sa akin, niloko mo ako, sinaktan mo ako. Buong pagkatao ko namatay sa ginawa mo.” (You know what is the biggest mistake I’ve made? Is to love you more than my life. What did you do to me? You fooled me, hurt me. I died at what you did to me.)

She pushes Sergio. “Tama na Sergio, tama na. Lumayas kayo sa pamamahay ko. Ayaw na ayaw kong makita ang pagmumukha mo. Kinasusuklaman kita! Lumayas kayong dalawa mga hayop kayo! Guard!” (Enough Sergio, leave my house. I don’t ever want to see you again. I hate you. Leave now both of you!)

Guards come to take Sergio and Angelika. Sergio keeps looking at Marimar who continues to spew out her hatred and pain. “Mga walang hiya kayo!”

Sergio wants to go to her and comfort her but she screams at him, “Hayop ka Sergio!” As she falls on her knees, her pain too much to handle.

Sergio looks on recalling their farewell at the beach when he left for Macau. The woman he loves is in the same position, the tears the same gravity, but when once was filled with love, Marimar screaming then how much she loved him; this time Marimar is filled with hate screaming how much she abhors him.

Outside, Angelika convinces Sergio to come with him. “Sergio mahal mo ako, pinaksalan mo si Marimar para pagselosin ako.” (You love me. You married Marimar just to make me jealous.)

Lumayo ka sa akin. Huwag kang lumapit sa akin baka mapatay kita!” (Get away from me. Don’t come closer or I might kill you.)

Sergio, huwag ka naming magalit sa akin. Ibinuko kita kay Marimar dahil kailangan niyang malaman yon. Andito naman ako eh. Handa na ako na magsama tayo.” (Don’t be angry with me. I told you out because Marimar needed to know the truth. I’m here and I’m ready for us to be together.)

Ang kapal ng mukha mo, pinakasalan ko si Marimar dahil sa iyo. Pero hindi dahil mahal kita! Hindi ko matanggap ang pagkatalo ko sa daddy ko. Isa ka lang object na pinaglalaruan naming mag-ama. Yun lang.” Sergio tells Angelika the brutal truth that he didn’t really love her and may have used Marimar to get back at his father who he considers his rival in all things. Angelika too had been but an object they were fighting over, a mere plaything.

Marimar cries as she recalls what happened at the gazebo just moments before the bomb Angelika revealed. How Sergio seemed sincere and honest with his remorse and his willingness to erase all the pains of the past. “Isang malaking kasinungalingan lang ang pagsasama naming dalawa ni Sergio.” Marimar cries to her best friend, Innocencia how her and Sergio’s wedding had all been a huge setup full of lies.

Minahal ko siya, pero pinagmukha niya akong tanga. Wala palang halaga sa kanya ang kasal namin. Napakahayop niya!” Marimar continues to share her pain with the usually quiet and wise Innocencia. She tells her friend that she loved Sergio but he just made a fool out of her. He didn’t really love her and didn’t intend to marry her.

Pinakinggan mo ba maigi ang mga paliwanag niya?” Innocencia, ever the voice of reason asked the obviously hurt Marimar if she gave Sergio the chance to explain himself.

Para ano pa? Inamin niya sa akin na ginamit niya ako para kay Angelika!” (What for? He already admitted that he just used me for Angelika!) Marimar snaps.

Meantime outside, Angelika convinces Sergio that they live together. “Sergio mahal mo ako, why don’t you just admit it?” Sergio snaps back, “Si Marimar lang ang laman ng puso ko. Totoo hindi ko siya mahal nung pinakasalan ko siya pero natutuhan ko siyang mahalin na higit pa sa buhay ko.” (I love only Marimar. I may not have loved her when I married her but I’ve learned to love her more than myself.)

Hindi totoo yan. Ako ang mahal mo.” Angelika denies what Sergio says is true.

Hindi. Kinasusuklaman kita. Live with it.”

Angelika calls Sergio to take back what he said but he’s already walked away. Monica comes to her friend’s side. “Friend ano ka ba? Ang linaw linaw na nga ng sinabi niya, “live”, umalis na daw tayo.” (Live with it, honey Monica not Leave with it! Hahahaha!)

Innocencia tells Marimar that perhaps that could be Sergio’s initial intentions but has learned to love her during their time together. Marimar has already hardened her heart again. “Hindi siya marunong magmahal. Wala siyang puso. Pinagsamantalahan niya ang pag-ibig ko sa kanya! Sinusumpa ko silang dalawa ni Angelika, mga walang-hiya sila!”

Marimar huwag mong hayaang sirain ni Angelika ang relasyon ninyong dalawa ni Sergio.” Innocencia calmly pleads with her friend not to allow Angelika to destroy her’s and Sergio’s relationship. Knowing her evil ways, Angelika had never stopped trying to break them apart.

Marimar’s one-track mind is closed to any form of reason. She blames Sergio for everything. She swears never to get fooled by him again. She swears never to give him any chance to hurt her again.

Sergio is now with his friends, Antonio and Arturo who are consoling him but also asking him to stop drinking any more as he is now too drunk. But Sergio is angry at himself and the stupid mistakes he has done in his past that he wants to forget them. He is thinking how Angelika found out about his marriage, the one thing he kept secret and only he and Arturo knew about. “Kelan ba niya ako tatantanan?” Sergio shouts when Angelika will stop pestering her.

Antonio butts in that if he were Marimar, he’s be so upset with him too. Besides, any secret is bound to be brought out in the open anyway. Sergio admits his mistakes and wants the chance to make up for them. He loves Marimar truly now. Antonio tells his friend that perhaps this is the karma of what he’s done in the past.

Angelika and Monica drink too, in a bar, both women seem thoughtful. Angelika rationalizes, “Bakit ba ginagawa sa akin ito ni Sergio? Hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin matanggap ni Sergio na si Renato ang pinili ko?” That Sergio couldn’t accept that she chose his father over him.

Monica ventures another explanation, “Baka naman hindi ka na niya mahal.” Which caused Angelika to pull at Monica’s hair.

Unable to accept the obvious reason, Angelika blames everything on Marimar. “Lecheng Marimar na yan. Nagi-guilty lang si Sergio dahil sa ginawa kanya.”

Arturo sighs how bad the timing is. Just when Sergio and Marimar are finally getting their relationship on track, then something like this comes up to keep them farther apart. Sergio is earnest is his plan to win back Marimar. “Kahit ano gagawin ko para mapatawad niya ako. Hindi ko kayang mawala si Marimar sa akin.”

Monica tells Angelika to stop drinking. “Gusto ko talaga magpakalasing. Gusto ko makalimutan ang problema kahit sandali lang.”

Speaking of problems…” Monica tells Angelika that lawyers wants her to settle their many problems and debts at the resort. Angelika gets more upset with her and forces her to drink with her. Monica complains, “Hindi masarap.” That it doesn’t taste good but drinks it anyway than suffer Angelika’s wrath. The queen of Villa Santibanez curses her nemesi, “Lecheng Marimar na yan!”

Angelika meets the lawyer about the problems the resort is facing and he reveals there are five cases filed against Villa Santibanez. “And why is it my problem?” Was all Angelika could reply.

The lawyer tells her it is her problem being the head of the company. When she made Renato sign the papers transferring everything to her, she also gained full control of the company. “Dahil sa kapabayaan mo nalugi nang nalugi ang resort.”

Innocecia tells Marimar that Major Santos will be sending her additional men to ensure she is under constant police protection. Brenda, the woman they hired to represent them at the casino is also ready.

Angelika’s lawyer is convincing her to sell her shares, this will not only allow Villa Santibanez to pay of all its debts, Angelika will also come by some money. Angelika likes that idea and excitedly shouts, “Go!” Her lawyer cautions her, being the major share-holder, that if she sells her shares, she is selling Villa Santibanez.

Angelika’s lawyer gets a call from an Atty. Romualdez. Angelika’s lawyer tells her that at real estate company, Ramiram Real Estate wants to buy Villa Santibanez and wants to meet with them today. Angelika seems open to negotiations.

Back in Manila, Marimar tells Innocencia that it’s time. “Oras na ng paniningil ko. At sinusumpa ko, hindi matatapos ang linggong ito, luluhod silang dalawa sa akin.”

My take: If you really love Sergio and want your relationship to work, then the mere fact that you’ve made declarations of love in the gazebo and have forgiven the past, then any amount of bomb from the past shouldn’t matter right? Parang ang bilis naman ng turnaround ng kanyang feelings when just a while ago, eh may pa puso-puso chuva pa siya kay Sergio. Also, she should know that Angelika is just out to ruin her so she shouldn’t really take her news to heart, although she may be accurate at times. Di ba parang ganun na rin naman yung dating nung eksena nila sa burol where she got shot, so dapat nothing new na ito. Kung love pa rin nya si Sergio, go, go, go!

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