Monday, September 24, 2007

Episode 10

Season 1, Episode 10 – The one where Marimar and Sergio gets married

Marimar, Fulgoso, Pancho and Cruz were early at the Mayor’s office for Sergio and Marimar’s wedding. It is a happy day for these simple folks. Cruz laments that Marimar and Sergio are only getting a civil ceremony. Had it been up to her, she would have preferred a church wedding. However Marimar assured her that maybe after a year, she and Sergio will get a church wedding. The family then sat and waited for Sergio to arrive.

Angelika is in a bad mood because today is Sergio’s and Marimar’s wedding day but she is trying not to be too upset as Renato is keeping a careful eye on her. He even went on to tease Angelika whether they should attend or not. Renato is obviously enjoying how anxious and stressed Angelika is about all this.

Meanwhile Marimar and party have been waiting a long time for Sergio to arrive. The mayor told them that is Sergio does not arrive by noon, he will have to go because he’s got to keep an engagement in another town. Marimar is worried and close to tears but Cruz assures her despite not being too successful about it that Sergio will come and Marimar should have more faith.

Arturo enters Sergio’s room to see him on the floor, drunk and asleep. He wakes him up and reminds him that today is his wedding day. Sergio wakes up with an obvious hang over.

Marimar is now crying and wondering why Sergio stood her up. The mayor is about to leave when Sergio arrives and apologises to Marimar for being so late but assured her that they are getting married. He wipes her tears and asked the mayor to proceed with the ceremony.

Sergio takes Marimar to live with him in the Santibanez villa despite Renato and Angelika’s evident dislike of his new bride. Angelika takes a different route in ruining Marimar. She asks Marimar to be friends and bury the past. She then tells Marimar that she will hold a special party for her to introduce her to their circle of friends. Marimar thanks Angelika for her kindness.

Meanwhile Monica and Angelika proceeds with their plans of ruining the innocent Marimar.

My take: Had it been me, I'd have walked out the minute the groom is late. But well this is soap on TV and bit over the top but well he did come, biceps and all so alright. Marimar is truly naive...but I guess that's how the story goes.

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