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Episode 21

Season 1 – Episode 21 – The one where Sergio punches Choi

Angelika cooks up a plan to destroy the sweet relationship that Sergio and Marimar share. Using Nicandro, she asks the rogue to observe Marimar and Choi closely and should an opportunity arise wherein the two appear to be more than friends, Nicandro should take as many shots as he can and give them to Angelika.

Meanwhile Innocencia is falling for her kind boss, Sergio Santibanez. Sergio had been quite friendly with her even to the point of discussing her ex-boyfriend and giving her advice on how best to handle their relationship. When Sergio leaves, Innocencia follows him with a longing gaze and tells herself that there is no other guy as perfect as her boss.

That night, Sergio and Marimar fool around with a camera. Marimar had given Sergio the shell-encrusted picture frame she made with Choi’s help. She was telling Sergio how helpful and friendly Choi is to her and that she is happy to have found a friend in the young lad. Sergio asked Marimar that perhaps that’s one of the reasons why she hadn’t come looking for him the whole day, unlike before. Marimar replies that she is only kept busy by this particular knick-knack that she wanted to give him in the first place. Marimar teases her husband’s frown and tries to erase it off his face. This leads to Sergio taking a camera and asking Marimar to pose. The two then show sad, happy, funny and goofy faces as they take their photos. All is well with the young couple indeed.

The next morning, Marimar was setting up the table for breakfast when Choi arrives with a bunch of flowers. Marimar thanks Choi and Sergio insists that Choi must call his wife, Senorita Marimar, to differentiate her status from the rest of the staff as well as to put Choi in his place. Marimar dismissed the order explaining to Sergio that she really doesn’t mind being called simply as Marimar. Sergio was adamant when he said; he is the only one who should call her Marimar, being her husband. To this he dismissed Choi and asked Marimar to sit with him for breakfast. Marimar was teasing the now surly Sergio – calling him Senorito Sergio and serving him water. Sergio is beginning to suspect something about Choi’s extra care of his wife.
Meanwhile, Renato caught Innocencia lovingly gazing at Sergio’s picture. To this he subtly implied that even if Sergio is the young woman’s boss, he is still the one whom she should give her loyalties to – besides he is the one who employed her and is paying her salary. She silently agrees but you can see that she will continue to pine for the younger Santibanez who seemed to have already captured her heart.

Angelika receives some photos from Nicandro and she is quite pleased with the shots. She pays off the slimy Nicandro who even kissed the money her received. This along with an anonymous letter from a concerned employee, she had the enveloped left at the front desk for Sergio. Arturo sees Sergio and hands him the envelope. Sergio opens it and reads the note, then sees the pictures of Marimar and Choi. The shots show Marimar offering Choi some food and one that looked like they were about to kiss. In truth, this shot was taken by Nicandro when Marimar has something in her eye and Choi blew on the eye to get rid of the spec that was irritating it. But of course Sergio is enraged and rushes out to find Marimar.

Prior to this Angelika even encouraged Marimar to keep busy with the shell craft souvenir shops so at least she has something to do. She even intrigued Marimar that till now, Innocencia is always looking for Sergio and that the two have been spending too much time in the office together. Marimar insisted that she will try her best not to get jealous as she and Sergio had already talked about this. Although, she did admit to Angelika that she still feels jealous about Innocencia and Sergio being together all the time.

Marimar finds Choi and the souvenir shop about to have a break and they offer to have a snack with them. Marimar sits and starts eating and when she was about to eat a soupy merienda, she realized it was hot and immediately spat out the spoonful of scorching broth. Some spilled onto her dress and feet and Choi was helping her wipe them off. This was the scene that Sergio found the two in, to which he yelled “Choi, what the heck are you doing to my wife?!”, and punched the young man twice in the face. HE then grabbed Marimar but told off Choi to leave his wife alone. Choi’s face was bloodied as he followed the two walking away with a sorrowful gaze.

Sergio was still upset and confronted Marimar a short distance away asking her is she is doing something behind his back. Marimar defended that she isn’t doing anything wrong but Sergio said there are even pictures to prove her infidelity. Marimar is now in tears as she tries to deny the allegations. Sergio told her to avoid Choi and stop coming to the shop. Saddened, she however agreed, to ease her husband’s anger.

Back at the office, Sergio kept thinking back at how solicitous Choi had been to Marimar from the start, often giving her flowers and talking to her. He is full of jealousy and anger at the possibility of Marimar having a lover aside from him. He was in deep thought and didn’t hear Innocencia come in, until the latter had gently touched his hand. Innocencia apologized but explained that she just wanted to know if Sergio is alright. Sergio replied he’d been thinking about the project proposal he had given the Finance Department a week before he and Marimar left for the island. He said they were supposed to begin construction that very day but still no approval had come from Finance about the budget he needed to begin the project. Innocencia offered to follow up this matter with the head of Finance only to get back to Sergio saying that the project had been declined by his own father, Renato.

The scene cuts to Renato in a serious meeting with his lawyer. It seems that the resort is near bankruptcy and that the bank will no longer approve any loans from Renato. His last hope is the investors who will pump in the needed money for the resort to continue its operations. This however seems impossible to believe in as according to Sergio, he had seen last year’s financial reports and it showed a huge profit.

Natalia is nursing Choi’s injured face and cracked lips at the same time reprimanding him for being too friendly with Marimar. She said that Choi should be thankful that a couple of punches was all he got. She further insisted that Choi should be very careful from now on and truly avoid any form of contact with Marimar.

Marimar chose to air her ill feelings to the two people who matter most to her: Pancho and Cruz. She took the time to visit her grandparents and consult them about the reversal of the situation. Before she had been the one who was so jealous but now it is Sergio who is enraged. She told the elderly couple that someone had taken pictures of her and Choi and had shown them to Sergio – falsely accusing her and Choi of having an affair.

Meantime, Angelika called Nicandro to give him a bonus for a job well done and to keep on taking more pictures of the two. Monica is happy that her friend’s new plan is currently succeeding when Angelika commented that Monica seems to be well made up but had no plans of going out. It seems that Monica likes Angelika’s bodyguard and was trying to look her best for the silent hunk.

When Marimar returned to the villa, it was already dark and Sergio had been waiting for her so they can dine together. Corazon immediately left to leave the two alone. Marimar asked Sergio why he seemed to be still upset with her. She is now in tears and Sergio told her that next time, she must tell Sergio where she is going before setting off as she might get lost again and nobody would know where to find her. Again Marimar explained that she is not having an affair with Choi or anyone for that matter as she loves Sergio and him alone. This seems to further anger Sergio who asks Marimar to sit down with a decisive slap on the table. Marimar sits abruptly and tries hard to suppress her tears. Sergio declared that of all the things he hates, he detests being lied at and being made a fool of. Marimar was trying to explain she isn’t lying but seems to be unsuccessful in her attempts. Fulgoso resignedly drops his head on the floor sensing trouble brewing in their household.

Marimar confided to Angelika her problems with the jealous Sergio. Angelika seems to be siding with Marimar even encouraging her to keep her friendship with Choi as they are not doing anything wrong. She even cited as an example the continued relationship Sergio has with his secretary Innocencia.

Marimar chose to visit the shop again and see Choi who is obviously pleased to see her but also afraid for what might happen should Sergio find them together. While they were talking, Choi caught sight of Nicandro. They caught him and Nicandro explained that he is only doing this because someone asked him to do it. When Nicandro told who – we see Marimar confronting Angelika, demanding how she could do this to her when she thought that Angelika was her friend.

My take: Despite the flashbacks Sergio had gone through, he should be able to discern that those were very limited encounters between Marimar and Choi, surely not enough to suspect her wife of infidelity. Had he also looked more closely into the pictures, he’d be able to see that Choi is blowing into the eye of Marimar and not in the act of kissing his wife. However his jealous rage should make him realize how deeply he feels for his wife – even if he still cannot identify it as love. Also we can see the similarities between Sergio and Renato now. The Santibanez men love their women to be submissive, lacking in personality and perhaps to stand as trophies – existing only for them, ready at their beck and call. How can he expect Marimar to spend the entire day by herself whiles he is off to work for eight hours or more each day? Maybe he should arrange for her to have a tutor or attend school or training to give her a chance to discover her inclinations. This way, he doesn’t suspect his wife of being to idle to stray or play around.

Quotables: Angelika to Monica when she doesn't get what Monica was plotting "Umalis ka nga sa harapan ko at maghanap ng sarili mong kausap", and pushes off her friend. Again Angelika to Monica - “Akala ko kasi aatend ka ng Santacruzan,” referring to how heavily dolled-up her dense friend is. To this Monica replies, “Di ba sa May pa yon?” to which Angelika could only roll her eyes in exasperation.

Looking forward to: Angelika-Marimar confrontation scene with Monica helping Angelika in a girl fight. Now all we need is a boxing rink and a lot of obviously should be served! Wooo-hooooh!

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