Sunday, September 23, 2007

Episode 8

Season 1, Episode 8 – The one where Marimar almost got raped

Renato gives Angelika a cute dog which she named Fifi (voiced by Ruffa Mae Quinto). Angelika calls on her assistant, Perfecta (Mel Kimura) to take care of her dog.

Marimar is washing her wedding dress to make sure that it is sparkling white on her wedding day. She is talking excitedly to Fulgoso when she accidentally rips the lacey part of her dress. Troubled, she rushes off in search of Sergio to ask his advise about where to find a tailor who can fix her now-ruined dress.

On her way, she meets Nicardro who had been harboring a mix of lustful feelings and vengeance for Marimar. He pretends to be sorry for his harshness and asks Marimar if they could be friends. He offers Marimar a bottle of juice he had previously mixed with sleeping pills. When Marimar accepts his apology and offers her friendship, he encourages Marimar to drink the juice to which she obliged. She got dizzy and Nicandro carries her to an empty cottage. Fulgoso runs to look for Sergio at the villa Santibanez.

Angelika in desparation to stop the wedding goes to Sergio’s room and kisses Sergio passioantely. Renato arrives and sees the two lip-locked. Father and son engage in a boxing match where the enraged Renato wins over Sergio. Angelika stops them from hitting each other and Renato made her choose. Sergio implores Angelika to choose him but Angelika chose Renato instead. This caused Sergio to walk out and he sees Fulgoso who seems to be asking him to follow his lead.
My take: Parang masarap na nakakatakot maging Angelika. Imagine two gorgeous hunks are fighting over you. Ba't di na lang kasi sila Brooke Logan in the Bold and the Beautiful...diba mag-ama din sina Ridge and (forgot father's name).

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