Monday, September 24, 2007

Episode 19

Season 1, Episode 19 – The one where Marimar and Sergio got rescued

Sergio awakes feeling better and looks on the sleeping Marimar. He’s been quite confused about his feelings for Marimar who is always open about her own feelings for him. He even went to the point of asking himself if he is indeed falling for his wife. His greatest fear is if Marimar ever finds out the true reason why he married her, she would surely be upset even lose all her feelings for him.

Angelika has been throwing her weight at the coast guards telling them to prioritize the search for Sergio. She's also been pressuring Innocencia to keep calling Sergio on his phone.

Marimar looks to be the efficient island camper managing to prepare fish and broth for the sick Sergio. She also found some herbs that she asked her husband to drink despite the bitter taste promising him of its curative values. He indeed got better and while stranded on an uninhabited island, they make the most of their situation and actually manage to enjoy their stay. Read that: music video with lots of scenes where Sergio and Marimar are running, swimming, hugging or kissing....

The sea patrol finds Sergio's speed boat, and informs Angelika who takes Monica with her to join them in their search for and rescue of Sergio. Just when Marimar asked Sergio if she truly does love her and Sergio about to give an answer, Angelika’s voice shouting for Sergiois heard by the two who immediately come out to meet them. Angelika is truly irritated at how sweet and loving Sergio and Marimar are towards one another. Angelika insists to have Sergio looked after by the medic and be given first aid but declined the offer, proudly saying that his wife took such good care of him and that he is quite well.

The staff were gathered at the lobby to welcome Sergio and Marimar back and Renato was quite annoyed to find out that his wife came with the coast guards to rescue Sergio. He even sarcastically mentioned that perhaps, Angelika was the head of the welcoming committee and told everyone to disperse and go back to their chores now that Sergio obviously is well and not in danger.

Angelika is incensed that Sergio and Marimar are getting too close for comfort and asked her side-kick Monica to go along with a new plan she has thought up. They invite Marimar to join her and Monica go shopping in the next town. Marimar was quite happy to go along, trusting that Angelika is her friend.

Monica and Angelika were saying “ever, ever” and Marimar asked them what “ever” meant. To this the dim-witted Monica replies, “Basta ever!” to which the mocking Angelika replies, “Hindi mo rin alam ano!”

Quotables: Renato to Angelika "Mananaghalian sana ako with my wife, only to find her off to rescue my son." Taray ha...

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