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Marimar Episode 25

Marimar Episode 25 – The one where Angelika stages her fall

Corazon arrived at Marimar’s flat and since she looked quite flushed from her market trip, Marimar offers her the corrupted juice which she drinks quickly. Corazon says it tastes a bit funny but it is delicious and refreshing and downs the glass. Perfecta didn’t know this because Corazon tasked her to go into the kitchen and get the fruits that she had brought for Marimar.

Angelika is obviously enjoying the attention that Renato is now giving her being in her ‘special condition’ and she’s looks confident her plans are going well. Meanwhile nobody knows about Marimar’s condition except for Fulgoso, Cruz and Pancho and Perfecta and Angelika. Angelika is keen on suppressing this truth from even coming out, since she intends to do all she can to destroy Marimar’s pregnancy.

Renato and Angelika hold a ‘thank you party’ for the new addition to their family – their baby – and when Angelika enthusiastically revealed that it is the answer to their prayers, many among the staff doubted Angelika if she prays at all and whether God listens to a top-grade witch like her. Angelika offers peace to Marimar saying that her pregnancy is the cause of her awful mood swings. She even offered Marimar to become the godmother of their baby. Marimar seems to be hesitant about the whole peace-making process but keeps silent.

In their bedroom, Marimar asks Sergio what being a godmother means and Sergio explains it is like becoming the second mother or parent of a child to whom Marimar exclaimed that it is quite a task and that Angelika may truly have been sorry for her past actions giving her this prime task for her own child. Sergio is doubtful and warns his wife about Angelika’s dubious nature.

Angelika asks Perfecta whether Marimar had indeed drunk the life-threatening mixture and Perfecta confirms with crossed fingers hidden behind her. Angelika remarks that she can indeed rely on Perfecta and seems to be pleased that all is going according to her plans.

Next morning, Marimar is in the kitchen helping the obviously suffering Corazon into a seat. The cook has a painful abdomen and is screaming horribly. While Marimar is comforting her, Arturo arrives telling Marimar that Sergio has been looking for her. It seems like Sergio plans to take Marimar out for some sight-seeing trip around the island. Marimar is so excited upon hearing this and apologizes to the suffering Corazon as she leaves. Arturo then opens his beauty kit and starts applying a blusher on his cheeks. Nicandro catches him in the act but he defends himself and pretends to be the macho man and leaves in a huff.

Sergio sits in the lobby when Renato comes and teases his son how nice it is to be out of a job, you can just lounge about and do as you please – when the young man says he’s going out with Marimar. This prompts Sergio to retort that his father is running late if he intends to go to work. Renato explained that Angelika wasn’t feeling well so he made sure she is fine before leaving for work. Sergio sardonically replies how much a doting dad his father has become. He’d been quite worried for his younger sibling as his first-hand experiences with his father had been dismal. To this Renato countered that his son had been such a disappointment in all aspects being so much of a “mama’s boy” that he hopes that he will have success in his second offspring. This leaves Sergio in a bad mood that when Marimar arrived; she noticed his sulk and tried to erase his face using her hand in the hope of getting one that smiles. She does succeed and kissed her husband as she excited pulls him on to begin their trip.

Angelika is smoking and Monica warns her about her condition to which she just looks spitefully at her dense friend. Corazon arrives with a glass of milk and some vitamins for Angelika to take according to Renato’s instructions. Angelika obligingly takes the medicine and even goes out of her way to be friendly to Corazon. When Monica asks her why she is suddenly over-friendly even to the hired help, Angelika explains that all this is part of her master plan and bids her friend to wait and see.

The young couple is driving around and Sergio says that they’re going on a joyride. Marimar asks what it means and he said they can go anywhere they want to. Marimar expresses her happiness that they are spending this day together and she hopes that there will be more days like this one. Sergio hasn’t told Marimar yet that he had resigned from his job instead he tells her that he has taken some time off. They were talking about the future children they will be having, being prompted by Angelika’s pregnancy and Marimar wants a boy or a girl so long that as it looks like Sergio. Sergio tells his wife that perhaps in time they will have their own children but for now, it is best if they enjoy one another first. Just then, Sergio stopped feeling like he’d hit something. Good thing it wasn’t hurt – it was a chicken – that Sergio immediately sets free but Marimar stops him, asking him if they can adopt it as a pet. Sergio complains they’ve already got Fulgoso and Fifi as pets in the resort and to add a chicken would be ridiculous but gives in to Marimar’s pleadings. They name the chicken Pancha.

The staff are in the kitchen eating the leftover food and talking about Angelika’s sudden change of attitude, being sweet and all. Some are doubtful whether this is for real, perhaps just one of those effects from her pregnancy. At least the staff are happy that for now, there is peace in the resort.

Meanwhile Marimar and Sergio are enjoying what appears to be a romantic dinner together. Marimar asks if Sergio can teach her how to write, read, count, use the computer, use the right utensils, drive a car, and even sail a boat! She declares she wants to learn how to do all of these because she wants to be Sergio’s partner in everything that they face in their marriage. She wants to be there sharing the hardship and the triumphs of their life as husband and wife. This touches Sergio who tells her how amazing she is in English. When Marimar asked him what he means, Sergio tries to dismiss it by giving a paltry translation but Marimar insists and he tells her what it really means and asks his wife to sit closer to him. There follows a lovey-dovey scene between that two showing how content they seem to be when they are together.

Sergio meets with his former car-racing team and the man informs him of an F3 race that will be held in Macau a month away. He asks Sergio to re-join the team and train with them as soon as possible. Sergio considers this as his chance to earn some money and prove his worth to his father. His problem is breaking this news to Marimar.

Angelika wants to join Marimar for dinner and when Corazon appears, she just starts crying telling Marimar that all she wants if for them to be friends but Marimar continues to treat her rudely. The surprised Marimar is left dumbstruck as Angelika walks away in tears. Marimar follows Angelika up the stairs and having reached the peak; Angelika stops and ask Marimar whether she knows what it feels to fall down several steps of stairs. Angelika tells her that before the week is over, she will be thrown out of the villa and back in the dumps where she belongs. Marimar sensing peril defends herself but much to her surprise, Angelika drops herself down the staircase and cries out Marimar name. Perfecta and Corazon run to help Angelika and they call for an ambulance. Marimar is left in shock at the top when Angelika declares that Marimar pushed her. Marimar tries to deny it but the damage has already been done. Angelika’s plan had been orchestrated to a perfect conclusion.

My take: Despite Angelika’s sudden change of moods it is obvious that she still is the bi-atch that she is and Diego can see that aside from staff who may have caught her overtly smoking. Sergio can take Marimar with him if he wants to. If the team really wants him to race with them, then he can negotiate to race only if his wife can come along – come on, how many really good racers can you find and what’s one more person when the team gets sponsors and money from advertising and endorsements. If Sergio is really that good a racer, he certainly can pull some weight right?

Quotables: Perfecta to all the staff gathered “Dapat lang naman na maunang mabuntis si Maam Angelika ko kasi nauna naman silang ikinasal ni Senor Renato.”

Sergio to Marimar: “You never fail to make me feel loved and important.” Marimar asks,” what does that mean?” (in Tagalog) Sergio replies, “It means you’re beautiful.” Marimar rejects the translation arguing that Sergio made such a long statement and it does not appear that it only meant that. Sergio tells her what he really meant and shares how lucky he is to be the recipient of Marimar’s affections.

Can’t wait to see: Renato throwing Marimar away. Sergio and Marimar’s farewell scene. Marimar and the famous bracelet-picking scene in the mud.

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