Monday, September 24, 2007

Episode 12

Season 1, Episode 12 – The one where Sergio Introduces Marimar to the Staff

After their romantic hot tub scene, Sergio carries MariMar to their bed and showers her with tender kisses. He tells his wife to sleep while he attends to other things first. Despite wanting Sergio beside her, she lets him go and obediently sleeps by herself. Sergio is at the veranda, drinking beer while contemplating on his decisions these past few weeks. On another veranda, a moody Angelika chain-smokes. Renato calls for her to come to bed but she said she’s just finishing her cigarette. Later Sergio goes back to their bedroom and watches Marimar sleep. There’s this cute-kilig scene where Marimar takes Sergio’s arm and wraps it around herself and sleeps with both their hands clasped together. Sergio is absorbed in deep thought as he stares into their clasped hands which wears their wedding rings.

The next day, Marimar awakes to find Sergio gone. She meets Corazon who gives her a bag of clothes and her breakfast. Marimar eats heartily prompting Corazon to tease her about her first night with Sergio. Marimar reveals that nothing realling happened between her and Sergio last night. In fact she slept quite early and Sergio left, saying he had other things to do. This confuses Corazon and makes her plot to bring Marimar and Sergio together.

Meanwhile Sergio is woken up by Arturo. He had fallen asleep in his mom’s office desk. He intends to take an active part in the management and development of the Santibanez resort and is catching up on the many reports he’s missed in the many months he’d spent abroad. Arturo asked him why he seems to be avoiding Marimar and he explains that he has no intentions of consumating his marriage with Marimar given that he only wanted to get back at his father and Angelika. He does like Marimar and cares for her so if he does not go beyond their contact at present, he would feel much better as she wouldn’t be as hurt than if they had been more intimate.

For lunch, she gives the couple a huge platter full of seafood aphrodisiacs to which Marimar declines stating that those are her friends. She asks for chicken instead while Sergio feasts on the colorful and delicious looking lunch.

He then formally introduces Marimar to the resort staff when Renato arrives and shows his displeasure as to how Sergio seems to be upstaging him. Angelika tells Renato that she finds Sergio a better husband to Marimar than Renato is to her for at least Sergio introduced Marimar to the staff as his wife while Renator never really did that for her.

Corazon overheard Sergio set a massage appointment with the resident masseuse, and took Marimar to the spa. Conniving with the masseuse, Corazon had arranged for Marimar to take the place of the masseuse when it is Sergio’s turn to be massaged. This way, the newlywed will have the opportunity to be on their own and perhaps have that “union” that seems to be lacking.

Meanwhile, Angelika and Monica are set to go out shopping when a cousin of Angelika’s, Inocencia (Nadine Samonte), seeks her help but Angelika sends her away threatening her cousin that should she see her again in the premises, she will not think twice about running her over.

Sergio arrives at the spa that causes both Corazon and the masseuse to leave Marimar abruptly. She hides herself as Sergio enters and lies on the table. With his back to Marimar, he does not know that it wasn’t their regular masseuse who was massaging him. He urges the masseuse to press harder when Marimar speaks “But I don’t really know if I’m doing this right!” Startled, Sergio sits up and is clearly amused at to how far Marimar would go just to please him.

Facing the standing Marimar, Sergio asked her is she really wanted to learn how to do massages. She says yes and he places her hands on his shoulders. He pulls her into a tender embrace and just when the mood is about to become romantic, Sergio feels the beginning rumbles of his stomach. He remembered his lunch of seafood indulgence and leaves Marimar quickly.

Thus, round two is lost leaving Marimar to sleep all alone in bed and Sergio sleeping in his mother’s desk in the guise – well not really – of an upset stomach.

Quotables: Marimar to Sergio on the seafood platter "Sige ikaw na lang kumain, mukhang mga magulang yan ng mga kaibigan ko sa dagat eh." How could she tell? Oh well...

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