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Marimar - Episode 22

Episode 22 – The one with the girl fight

Marimar is preparing breakfast and asked Sergio to join her before leaving off for work but the surly husband just up and left leaving the crumpled pictures of Choi and Marimar on the table. Marimar got a good look at the incriminating shots for the first time and realized these were taken when she had that thing in her eye and asked Choi to help her blow it out.

Sergio is upset that his project proposal has not been taken up by the company. He asked Innocencia to follow it up and talk to the Finance Manager about his project. Sergio has a talk with one of them but the man admitted their hands are tied as Renato has control over all the finances of the resort. He advised Sergio to go and talk with his father.

Renato is worried over the financial state of his company when Angelika walks in on him in their bedroom. This upsets Renato, who immediately closed his laptop, asking her to knock before entering to which Angelika replies she didn’t know she had to knock first at her own room. Renato was quite apologetic and reasoned out that he just has a lot of things on his mind. Angelika took this chance to ask her husband to increase her allowance. Despite monetary problems, Renato agreed to do this, even double his wife’s allowance on one condition: that Angelika gets pregnant and have their child. Angelika is obviously against this but hides the truth from Renato.

We then see Renato in a meeting with his lawyer when Sergio walks in on them. Sergio wanted a meeting with him but Renato declined stating that he’s got a visitor and that they should talk later. Sergio apologized for butting in and left.

Angelika is at the Reception area and Monica slips her a pack of birth control pills. Her friend is afraid and asks Angelika why not just give in to Renato’s will of having a child. Angelika doesn’t want Renato’s child or have her body “ruined” by pregnancy but if it is Sergio’s then maybe she would be willing to go through it. Monica was quite afraid for her friend. Angelika declares that she can see all of this end in three different scenarios: a) that Sergio and her become lovers and keep their love affair a secret; b) that she would leave Renato and run away with Sergio; or c) that Renato can die leaving her and Sergio the heirs and they would be free to rekindle their romance. Despite Angelika’s confidence her friend remains in doubt.

Meanwhile Marimar is back at the souvenir shop and was apologizing to Choi for Sergio’s actions. Choi says he understood Sergio and explained to Marimar that it is just a normal reaction for any man to try and defend his honor and his wife's. Marimar was puzzled at how men show their feelings and just then, when she was about to touch Choi’s bruised cheek asking if it still hurt, a flash – like that coming from a camera – of light broke into the shop and Choi saw where it came from. He told Marimar to stay put as he goes out at captures Nicandro who didn’t even take long to divulge that he is but a mere servant following orders and the real perpetrator is Angelika. To this the angry Marimar sets off to find Angelika.

Monica is walking with Angelika and is convincing her friend to come with her to Manila to do some serious shopping. However Angelika declined and suggested to Monica to just go and but her something. Marimar saw them and confronted Angelika about the pictures. At first Angelika denies having to do with it but Marimar told her that they caught Nicandro who admitted that she is the mastermind behind all this. Angelika caught Marimar off-guard and was able to slap her and bring her down, with Monica’s help. Angelika scratched Marimar with her long fingernails and told her to go back to the dump where she belongs. The loyal Fulgoso was about to help his mistress when Fifi told him not to intervene as this is a human fight.

Marimar reasons that Angelika too came from an impoverished past and that they are the same. This angers Angelika more and hits Marimar all over. Having thought they had done their best damage, both women stand up to a gathering awestruck crowd to walk away. Just then, Marimar got up and pulled their hairs and retaliated with all her strength. She was able to give Monica a blow that kept her from joining the cat fight. She also was able to pull Angelika off her feet and was now dragging her around the Santibanez grounds, totally damaging her coiffured hair and immaculate clothing. Fifi was cheering for her devious owner to get up but Fulgoso reminded her that, like she said earilier, this is NOT their fight. Corazon and Perfecta are both rooting for their own favorites egging them on while Arturo looks on horrified.

Sergio is puzzled at the state of affairs of the resort. It is obvious that it made a lot of money according to the financial report but how is it possible that there seems to be a lot of financial problems lately, even to the point of not having enough money? Innocencia was about to reveal what she knew from overhearing Renato but just then, Sergio’s phone rang. It was Arturo telling him about the fight waging on between Angelika and Marimar. Sergio had to leave quickly so their talk would have to be postponed leaving Innocencia quite disappointed.

Meantime Marimar was pulled off the clearly beaten Angelika by Corazon and Perfecta. They are now at Sergio’s with Arturo and Choi looking on as Corazon attends to Marimar’s scratches. When Marimar thought out loud why Angelika would want to destroy her relationship with Sergio by setting her and Choi up – Arturo slipped by saying “Because she wants Sergio to herself.” All three were surprised at his statement and he managed to correct it with “Well you know the Santibanez fortune; she wants it all to her self.” Marimar states she does not care much for fortune and Angelika can have all this to herself, referring to villa Santibanez.

Angelika, Monica and Nicandro were at the beach area with Nicandro getting slaps from Angelika for squealing on her. The rascal asks for a chance to redeem himself but Angelika orders him to get lost. Monica is afraid about the consequences of being found out. She fears her friend will be the next to leave the villa. Unknown to them, Renato’s hired bodyguard is at a short distance eavesdropping.

Marimar and Sergio meet in the lobby where they embrace and Sergio inspects Marimar’s many scrapes. He asks her to tell him everything that happened. Marimar tells all beginning from the pictures, to catching Nicandro, to the fight with Angelika. Renato overhears Marimar and looks quite angry as he looks for his wife. Perfecta tells him that Angelika is in their room, hiding.

Sergio is solicitous in tending Marimar’s wounds with what appears to be some sort of healing ointment. Marimar admits that she can stand the pain scrapes and bruises give her, what she cannot stand is Sergio being angry with her. She said that this was the first time she saw him really angry and it scared her. Sergio apologizes to his wife for his rash behavior lately as he just has too much on his mind. He sits her on his lap and tells her to avoid Angelika who is nothing but trouble. When Marimar asks why she would like to destroy her and Sergio’s relationship, her husband feigns innocence. Then Marimar tells Sergio that he is the only man she loves and would do anything to keep them together. She declares that even if Sergio dies, she will never remarry and asks Sergio if he would ever remarry should she die before him. This leads to teasing and fooling around. All seems to be well in their relationship.

Meanwhile the opposite is happening in Renato’s and Angelika’s. We see that Renato had just beaten Angelika to which the young woman reminded her husband that he once swore that he would never hurt her physically. Renato replied if Angelika had been a faithful and loving wife, he would never hurt her. He loves her but she is still in love with Sergio and is now caught red-handed, plotting to get rid of Marimar to win Sergio back. Renato then made a decision to divorce her. This made Angelika kneel down and ask Renato for another chance. Renato still enraged, leaves her wife in tears.

The next day, Marimar and Angelika meet in the Reception area. Marimar asked Angelika to be friends with her and forget everything that happened in the past. Angelika told Marimar that she will only be friends with her if she returns to her pathetic little island and never return to villa Santibanez. Marimar is sad to know that she and Angelika will never be friends from then on.

My take: I love Marimar! I was at the edge of my seat egging her as she takes on two bi-atches and makes putty out of them. Go girl! Serves them right for plotting and scheming together to bring about Marimar's downfall. I know this victory would be quite short-lived as the two, well, definitely Angelika, would be devising more malicious plots for Marimar to go through. Oh I can’t wait for Marimar to discover who she really is and be filthy rich!

Quotables: Angelika to Monica, “Naiintindihan mo ba talaga?” Monica, “Konti, pero kinakabahan pa rin ako.” Angelika retorts, “Ano ka ba, konti lang naiintindihan mo tapos kinakabahan ka na?”

Looking forward to: 1) Marimar possibly being pregnant; 2) Sergio finding out about how poor they have become and 3) Angelika finding out that Innocencia had truly fallen for Sergio.

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