Sunday, September 23, 2007

Episode 5

Season 1, Episode 5 – The one where Marimar almost meets her father

From out of the car came out a very concerned Gustavo who apologises profusely to the young woman his driver had hit. Good thing it was not serious and Marimar is able to get up. Gustavo offers to take her to the hospital but in her rush to find Fulgoso, she assures the old man that she is well and unhurt and shouldn’t bother. She runs off while the worried Gustavo looks on.

Renato is off to town for some business errands and Angelika is on the beach. Sergio covers her eyes and asks if she remembers who does this to her. Sergio professes love for Angelika and asks her if she still loves him. Angelika wards off Sergio telling that she is now married to his father and they should keep it at that. She leaves Sergio who is now more set on exacting his revenge.

Angelika confides to Monica that she is still in love with Sergio but chose to marry Renato instead. Being the son, Sergio does not yet have full authority on the Santibanez fortune but Renato has. She therefore chose the father over the son but would destroy anyone who will ever try to take Sergio away from her. Now that she knows Sergio still loves her, she intends to keep both father and son to herself.

Marimar sneaks into the Santibanez mansion and made it to the foyer where Angelika sees her and tries to send her away. Marimar realises that Angelika was her childhood friend and tries to embrace her but Angelika turns her away. Sergio comes to stand up for Marimar surprising Angelika.

Sergio gives Marimar a pair of shoes and she wears them despite being a bit too small for her feet. Sergio takes her to the top of a hill where a lighthouse stands and tells her this is the place he would often run to when he feels the weight of the world on his shoulders. He sees Marimar wincing in pain and asks her why. She said it’s her new shoes, they’re nice but they really do hurt. Sergio was surprised as he realises Marimar would go through so much pain just to please him. He asks her again if she likes him. Marimar agrees. He asked if he could kiss her. She also acquiesced. They kissed and Sergio asked is Marimar would like to take his hand in marriage.

My take: Kinikilig ako sa mga Marimar-Sergio moments on TV!!! Ay sus! But promise, they do have chemistry and the tender scenes they share...wish ko ako na lang si Marimar! Warning: Husbands and boyfriends, your better halves may be dangerous and prone to amorous eclats after watching Marimar.

Quotables: Angelika with her pincer-like question to Marimar: "Hoy busabos, papaanong nakapasok yan dito?" Reminiscent of Gustavo's mom on Lupita...the hampas-lupa! Tinde naman!

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kim bum said...

it is very good and beautiful drama ever.

even though i watch that series without english sub, your blog helps me to understand the situation of the drama.(I do not understand Philippine language)

Thanks. Do you know where i can find or buy that drama with english sub?