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Marimar Episode 23

Marimar – Episode 23: The one where Marimar is possibly pregnant

Renato and his lawyer are discussing his financial crisis and there seems to be no other solution left to the elder Santibanez but to mortgage his property.

Marimar and Sergio are out on a picnic and are discussing the recent events with Angelika to which Marimar suggest for them to leave the villa and live somewhere else. Marimar admits that she doesn’t really feel at home there having no friends as feeling like she is always on her toes in fear that she might turn around and break things. To this Sergio explains that villa Santibanez is his only home. It is where he was born, where he grew up, and where his mother’s presence can still be felt. He wants to keep living there because it had been an important place for his mother who built the resort from scratch. Sergio then informed Marimar that she is important to him, so he wants the people who really matter most to him to be in one place. Marimar replied that she does understand how Sergio feels but she herself has so many reservations which she chose to keep to herself. When Sergio leaves, Marimar outpours her feelings to her one true friend, Fulgoso. She asks why so many people seem to be bent in separating her and Sergio? Why many are so against their marriage? Why, after all this time of living in the villa, she still feels like she isn’t wanted?

Meanwhile, Innocencia’s ex-boyfriend, Victorino waits for her to pass by her normal route to work and begs for them to have a talk. The young woman agrees and they talk there and then with Victorino begging Innocencia to take him back. He is sorry for what he’d done the past week and wants to get back together with Innocencia. When he asks his ex-GF if there is someone else in her life, she at first tried to deny it but when Victorino pushed her, she admitted that she has fallen for Sergio and walks away leaving Victorino in a jealous rage.

Angelika is pissed at her bodyguard Diego who goes and follows her wherever she goes leaving her unable to plot and scheme towards Marimar’s downfall. When Monica appears in an all fatigue outfit (even her cap) Angelika has someone to insult calling her “over-fatigued”. Monica still finds Diego a yummy treat to which Angelika had an idea. She asked Monica to go and flirt with her shadow and distract him so she can slip away. While the two are in discussion, Victorino arrives demanding to see the wife of Sergio Santibanez. Intrigued at the man’s obvious anger, she pretends to be Sergio’s wife and Victorino warns her that Sergio may be having more than business relations with his secretary as Innocencia has admitted she has fallen in love with Sergio. This information only irritates Angelika more.

Renato is signing off the mortgage papers while Sergio now back in the office is talking with Innocencia. She had revealed that the resort is in dreadful financial circumstances and the bank does not even want to loan out to them anymore. Angered at this information, Sergio confronts Renato who at first denied anything is wrong. However due to Sergio’s disrespectful manner towards him, he throws his son the company records that clearly show they are near bankruptcy. Sergio resigns leading his father to call him a coward. Sergio insists he isn’t and will prove to Renato how he will save their business using his own means. Renato then asked for his son’s written resignation the very next day and to keep this between them. When Sergio impertinently asked, “Why, don’t you want your friends to know what a big failure you are?” Renato reasoned that if ever anyone gets to know their real state, there will be chaos – the staff may go on strike, guests may no longer come and investors may no longer give them their needed capital – which convinces Sergio to keep this information classified.

Marimar visits Choi in the souvenir shop and the young man offers Marimar a beautiful bouquet of flowers especially picked by Choi for her. Marimar said she will give it to Corazon who liked offering the flowers to the Sto. Nino. Choi felt bad about this to which Marimar reminded him that they are just friends. Choi agrees but is not that excited about it. Unknown to them, Natalia is watching the exchange by the window. Her strange sister appears telling her to make Marimar her friend and when she is already in too deep, then Natalia should strike to neutralise and get rid of Marimar as a threat for Choi’s attentions.

Angelika had managed to slip away from Diego and she confronted Innocencia in the lobby. They are now in a hut with Nicandro and the captured Innocencia had obviously been beaten by Angelika and her thug. Angelika made Innocencia admit her true feelings for Sergio and when she did, Angelika now more incensed told her that she is the only one who has the right to own Sergio. This leads to Angelika using a brand (used for cows and horses) to mark and ruin Innocencia’s face. She them throws her a wad of money stating that’s the last she’ll ever get from her and good luck on her being able to afford medication for her sick mother. Innocencia is left crying on the floor full of anger towards her own cousin.

Corazon prepared a meal for Marimar that is usually her favorite but this time the young woman just doesn’t have the appetite to eat. Corazon’s been babbling about how evil Angelika is and that sometimes when she knows she is going to see her, she wears protection like a lei of garlic to keep safe. This makes Marimar laugh but still she doesn’t eat. Corazon noticed how sad she is and suggested for Marimar and Sergio to have a baby. This way, while Sergio is off at work, she will be kept busy caring for her child. “Just promise to make me a yaya,” Corazon kids Marimar. The thought of having her own child with Sergio does seem to make Marimar happy.

Marimar is still waiting for Sergio when she suddenly felt dizzy. Perfecta saw her and asked what the matter was. Earlier Perfecta had overheard Marimar and Corazon’s conversation about having babies and seeing Marimar so wan and dizzy gives Perfecta reason to suspect that she indeed may be pregnant. She hurries off to find Angelika and tell her mistress this bit of news.

Marimar is in bed not feeling very well with Fulgoso beside her. She asks her mutt why she is feeling this way when before she loved shellfish, now she seems to get sick when she seems them. Fulgoso replies, “Marimar there is only one explanation for this, you are becoming as snotty and hoity-toity as the high society!” Marimar then tells Fulgoso that although she loves him, his scent is also making her want to vomit so if he doesn’t mind, maybe he can sleep downstairs. Fulgoso then realises his mistress might be pregnant.

Perfecta finds Angelika who looks to be tired. She tells what she suspects about Marimar’s condition to which Angelika gets more alarmed. If Marimar could be pregnant this will make it even more difficult for her to separate her and Sergio. She tells Perfecta that no one must ever know about this new bit of information since she plans of getting rid of the child before it is even known to exist.

My take: How bad can you be to hurt even your own blood? Apparently Angelika is. Although she is stupid to let Innocencia be Sergio’s secretary in the first place. If I were her, I’d have offered my services as the father and son’s personal assistant that way, I get to be useful, and get to spend time with both my husband and my ex-BF.

Quotables: Renato, “I am your father and the CEO of this company.” Sergio, “Well I am the son of the woman who gave you this company.” (Taray!)

Angelika to Monica “Ano namang yang suot mo?” Monica, “Jenny from the block!” Angelika pointing at her friend’s hat “Ano to?” Monica “fatigue”. Angelika points to cap, blouse, pants, and shoes “fatigue, fatigue, fatigue...aba eh, over-fatigue ka na kadiri, so cheap!”

Angelika to Innocencia “Akin lang si Sergio at walang sinuman ang makaka-agaw sa kanya” (Such a bi-atch!)

Corazon to Marimar “Mag-bibi na kasi kayo para mayroon ka nang pagka-abalahan” Marimar, “Bibi?” Corazon, “Oo yung, bibi”, acts like she is carrying a child and rocking it sideways. Marimar “Ahhhh!” (hehehehe bibi pala tawag doon, kala ko kasi baby!)

Marimar to Fulgoso “Bakit ganun Fulgoso parang nasusuka ako pag nakaka-amoy ako ng masansang or malansa” Fulgoso “Isa lang ibig sabihin niyan Marimar, nagiging maarte ka na!”

Fulgoso to Marimar “Teka bakit parang pinipersonal mo na ako, maliligo ako bukas!”

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