Sunday, September 23, 2007

Episode 3

Season 1, Episode 3 – The one with Marimar meeting Fulgoso and Sergio

Padre Porres was able to take Angelika to the town hospital where upon waking up accused Marimar for leaving her all alone in the ravine. She didn’t even give the crying Marimar a chance to explain, instead continued insulting her and even kicking her, telling her to go away and that they are no longer friends.

In tears, Marimar runs to her boat and finds a young pup beside it. She asks the dog to be her friend instead. She notices the dog has lots of ticks and calls him Fulgoso (having lots of “pulgas”). She goes home to her grandparents who forbade her of ever going to the nearby island again lest she meet friends who will only hurt her in the end. But the true reason is that Cruz doesn’t want Marimar found.

On the shore, Marimar and Fulgoso (voiced by Michael V.) were playing on the shore and seas a yatch full of partying and dancing people. Marimar imitates their dance and asks Fulgoso to join her. She twirls around and while dancing we see the little girl turning into the young woman that is Marimar (Marianne Rivera).
Having aged grandparents also means that Marimar is now the sole in-charge of gathering food for her family. Sick of always eating ‘talangka’ (smaller crabs), Marimar sneaks off in Pancho’s boat to the nearby island where the Santibanez Resort is located.

Meanwhile a sports cars comes speeding to through the quite little town where the Santibanez Resort is. Out comes a young, muscular, handsome man – Sergio Santibanez (Dingdong Dantes) – who’s asking for directions to the nearest gas station. Many women gushed and giggled as he asked them. This seems to amuse the young man.

Reaching home, we find that he is not so welcome upon his arrival. His father Renato Santibanez (Richard Gomez) seems upset that he had to leave his career in the US, that of being a professional race car driver. We learn that Renato has just gotten married – to Angelika Santibanez (Katrina Halili) – who used to be Sergio’s girlfriend.

Marimar uses Fulgoso as decoy so she can sneak into the Santibanez Resort and into the Kitchen where she sees platters of food being prepared. There seems to be a party. She was about to grab some food when she gets caught by Renato’s thug, Nicandro (Gabby Eigenmann). He said that he will let Marimar sneak off with some food if she will allow Nicandro to kiss her. It seems that Nicandro has been having the hots for Marimar for quite sometime now. When Marimar refuses and fights off his advances, he struggles against her. Just then, Sergio arrives and tells Nicandro to back off.

Caught and afraid to suffer the wrath of his boss’ son, he leaves. Sergio and Marimar meet for the first time. Marimar thanked him for saving her and expressed that what she heard about rumors of Sergio being good-looking are true. Sergio asked Marimar is she often sneaks into the Santibanez residence to steal food and she defends that only when there is too much that many actually get thrown away as waste. Sergio then offers her some packed food for her to take to her grandparents. Marimar leaves with Fulgoso carrying a large bag of goods and a fluttering heart – she has fallen in love with the young man!

My take: I'm sure Fulgoso doesn't mean full of pulgas in Spanish! But what a funny take on an old name. I didn't like the scene when Sergio arrives and all the local girls sort of faint. Sobra naman na yun ha! But he does carry himself well, Dingdong does and so buff he has become! Ganda din yung mapula-pula nyang balat...parang sarap kagatin! And wow, Katrina Halili is oozing sex appeal in her bathing suit scenes. Parang nanggigigil nga si Goma...lagot ka kay Lucy!

Quotables: Marimar on "Sawa na kasi akong kumain ng talangka eh." Although it's her favorite, eating the same thing since age 7 until 17....ew!

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