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Marimar Episode 24

Marimar Episode 24 – The one with Angelika getting a fake pregnancy

Sergio arrives home a bit drunk finding Marimar in bed and eating what she claims as the sweetest kalamansi (Philippine lemons) she has ever tasted. Sergio is a bid sad but feels happy to be with his wife whom he obliged to by eating one of the kalamansi she’s offering. He crumples his face in what looked like the sourest lemon he’s ever tasted. Still he doesn’t suspect his wife’s preference for really sour fruit lately. Marimar even told him that she earlier felt sick but after eating a platter of this “sweet” fruit, she is now better.

Renato called a staff meeting telling everyone to be careful with how they spend the resort’s budget. From then on, he said, everyone must support all expenditure with a receipt otherwise, it will be deducted from their own salary. Angelika asks for more allowance from Renato but he is firm with his decision: no baby, no money.

Sergio is brooding on the rooftop and we see a flashback of the little boy Sergio, who is a bit on the plump side feeling very sad by the pool. Corazon finds him and asks him why he is sad to which the young Sergio admits that he feels bad because his parents are fighting again. Corazon coaxes the boy to stop feeling bad and come to the house and change.

Renato arrives on the same deck and sees Sergio gazing over all the resort. He says it would be a waste to let all this go, when his mother had put everything she had in building it. Renato vows to save it. Sergio hopes that for the sake of the resort, his father’s promise goes well this time as he (Renato) had wasted too many promises on his late mother.

We then see Fulgoso giving Fifi a rose. He asks Fifi is she’s been told how beautiful she is. To this the female dog says yes. Fulgoso asks if she knew how sexy she is. Again Fifi replies yes. Finally Fulgoso asks, “Fifi, do you know how mayabang (braggart) you are?” which surprises Fifi who jolts with a, “What?!” They show one another’s tricks and it is obvious Fifi knows a lot more than Fulgoso. Fifi calls Fulgoso a “jo-dogs” short for “jologs na dog” – meaning a mongrel that does not have any breeding. Fulgoso retorts, “I don’t care for breads!”

Monica is flirting with the hunky Diego when Angelika arrives quite pissed. She tells her friend that Renato didn’t give her any money and no amount of coaxing seems to work on her husband these days. Monica suggests giving Renato what he wants, which is - to have a baby - Angelika smiles telling her friend that sometimes, her brains does work after all.

Sergio is back at his office and he is clearing off his stuff from his desk. Renato asks him again if he is indeed set on his decision to resign. He confirms this and asks his father whether he’s also fired Innocencia. Renato says that he thought Sergio had since he resigned but no he (Renato) has not fired her, she didn’t even come to work that day.

Marimar and Choi are making beads as Marimar is keen on completing a set for Sergio. Natalia arrives and is quite friendly towards Marimar. This surprises our young heroine as the former had been quite oblivious towards her before. Natalia even gave Marimar a bag of ‘dalanghita’ (local oranges) since she heard from Corazon that Marimar likes to eat them these days. Natalia then tells Marimar that she wants the both of them to be friends, just like Choi is to her to which Marimar quickly accepts.

Natalia is talking to her strange sister in the toilet while Choi and Marimar continue to make beads. We hear Choi’s account about Natalia: how she had been adopted by his parents and raised as their own when they found her alone as a child. Natalia’s parents had died and while she did have an older sister, that sister too seemed to have died when Natalia was a little girl. Meaning, the weird lady in white is actually a ghost that Natalia speaks too! Yikes! She vows to her sister’s spirit that she will be the only one to have Choi as she had loved him since childhood and no one, especially Marimar, would be able to take Choi away from her.

Marimar find Natalie beside the pool posted as a life-guard it seems, and she gives her new ‘friend’ a bracelet of beads she herself made, as a thank you for her gift of dalanghitas. Natalia asks if Marimar wants, she’ll get her more. Marimar said she is really ashamed to ask for more but if Natalia insists, maybe some santol or sampaloc would be great. Marimar runs off happy and as soon as her back was turned, Natalia throws the bracelet in the pool.

Perfecta confirms to Angelika that Marimar is indeed pregnant. Angelika contacts Nicandro and asks him to go to town and purchase a concoction that is usually used to get rid of unwanted pregnancies.

Marimar visits her grandparents and they notice how her appetite seems to have increased of late and also how she likes sour food. Later when they couple were alone, they managed to come to the conclusion that perhaps Marimar is pregnant and both a quite happy and excited about the prospect of having their own great-grandchild.

Nicandro gives Angelika a bottle of some dodgy looking liquid and tells her that the vendor said this is the most effective mixture in the market. She tasked Perfecta to make a drink to Marimar and to include the mixture in her drink. When Perfecta hesitated saying isn’t it like killing the baby and committing murder, Angelika chastised her declaring Marimar as trash and like her baby, who should also be trashed.

Arturo is driving Sergio to town and he asks his young boss’ feeling towards Angelika to which Sergio replies she no longer matters. Arturo pushes that it is obvious she still has feelings for Sergio. Sergio asks if she indeed still loves him, shy did she choose his father over him. Arturo explains it is quite easy to see why, the reason is money. His father has direct access to the Santibanez fortune while Sergio still does not. Sergio is silent for a while and speaks, “I don’t want to hurt Marimar or fool her.” Arturo warns that Angelika will just continue to plot and scheme to separate Marimar and Sergio and thus he should be careful. Sergio thanks Arturo for being a loyal friend and for his warnings.

Angelika tells Renato she needs money to buy a crib, baby’s clothes, etc and when her husband asks her why, she admits to being pregnant. Renato was quite doubtful at first, asking Angelika that she just had her period last week. Angelika reasons that it was not true, she was just not feeling well that is why she didn’t want for them to have intercourse and today she found out why she has mood swings and is feeling ill of late, it is because she is pregnant. Renato ponders on this information as he looks closely on his wife, trying to know if she it telling him the truth.

Perfecta arrived at Marimar and Sergio’s flat to find Marimar eating some dalanghitas and green mangoes. She is carrying a huge glass of juice and we know this is the one laden with the concoction that is supposed to get rid of Marimar’s child. Perfecta said Corazon made this juice especially for her and that she should drink it while it is still cold. Marimar was about to drink the juice when Fulgoso kept on barking, knowing that it is bad for her baby. Again Perfecta prompts Marimar to drink and again Fulgoso barks in anger. Suddenly, Corazon arrives complaining about how hot it is in the market.

My take: So Natalia’s sister is a ghost....creepy! I think it is all in Natalia’s head, this dead sister – perhaps a case of madness, more like multiple personality or split personality disorder. Calling all Psych majors out there....what’s your prognosis? Angelika being pregnant? Come on; see how she smokes like a chimney? Such a faker!

Quotables: Monica to Diego, “You can call me Monica, Monique or baby.”

Angelika to Monica when the latter suggests giving Renato’s wish a go, “Alam mo paminsan-minsan gumagana pa rin pala yang utak mo.”

Angelika to Nicandro “Nakasalalay sa iyo ang tagumpay ng plano ko.” as she tasks the sneaky thug to buy the ‘pampalaglag’.

Angelika to Perfecta “Parang ina nya, isa rin shang basura na dapat itapon” when talking about Marimar’s baby.

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