Monday, September 24, 2007

Episode 13

Season 1, Episode 13 – The one with the expensive jewellery

Again Arturo finds Sergio asleep in the same place and wakes him up. Renato arrives and asks Sergio if he is really serious with his plans, to which the young man confirms. While fixing more files, he comes across a framed photo of his mother wearing expensive-looking jewellery. He asks Arturo to open the safe and he retrieves the jewelley set.

Sergio goes home to Marimar only to find her quite distressed that he did not spend the night with her. He apologises to his wife, explaining to her that he had a lot of things to do at the office because he wanted to take a more active role in the running of their business. As a pece offering, he gives Marimar the jewellery saying that this was given to him by his own mother who made him promise to give this to the woman he will someday marry. Since Marimar is his wife, this is rightfully hers now.

The set is a necklace, bracelet and a pair of earrings. Marimar who never really wore any kind of jewellery before, doesn’t have pierced ears to wear the earrings. To this Sergio calls the local nurse to pierce Marimar’s ears.

Sergio lovingly hugs Marimar and holds her hands as the nurse does the minor operation. “Parang kagat lang ng langgam yan!” he assures her (Just like an ant bite, nothing more). Once the first ear was pierced, Marimar implores if it is possible to just have one ear pierced suggesting she will just wear one earring at a time. Sergio gently coaxes her to have the other ear pierced as she needs to wear both.

Marimar was showing off her jewellery to Corazon who said she remembers when Sergio’s mom was the one wearing it. She assures Marimar that indeed Sergio must love her so, for giving her this heirloom. Angelika sees the jewellry and remembers a time when she was asking for the same set from Sergio. She was just Sergio’s girlfriend then when Sergio showed her the set. She had wanted it ever since but since it wasn’t Renato’s, she never got the chance to wear it.

Marimar visits her grandparents with a bag full of groceries. She assures them that she is well and that Sergio is taking good care of her. In fact, she just received an expensive jewellery set from her husband – but chose not to wear it as she might lose it.

Angelika confronts Sergio telling him to stop this nonsense he is doing with Marimar. She tries to tempt him, passionately kissing him to which Sergio pushes her away reminding her that he is married to her father. Sergio emphasizes that he is also a married man and that Marimar is his wife. Nicandro sees Angelika kissing Sergio and reports this to Renato. Nicandro even dared to advise Renato to have his wife heavily guarded, giving Renato an idea.

Meanwhile Monica sees Innocencia asleep by the Santibanez gate and takes pity on the young woman. She said she will try to talk to someone who may be able to help her to which Innocencia is thankful.

Renato warns Angelika not to cheat on him and assigns her a bodyguard. He also meets with Innocencia whom he seems to take a liking to. He tells her that any relative of Angelika is also a relative of his. Innocencia reveals that when Angelika’s mother left her father, they moved to the city where they lived with Innocencia’s family. When Angelika’s father died, her parents raised Angelika as their own making her like Innocencia’s elder sister. Now, Innocencia’s mother is in need of help being ill in the hospital. Renato promises to help Innocencia’s family.

Sergio is drinking and asks Marimar to join him. Marimar gets drunk and the two were quite playful. Angelika now with her new bodyguard and Monica see Sergio and Marimar drunken and flirting. Angelika wanted to stop them but she couldn't do anything because her bodygoard may tell Renato about it. Having left with nothing to do, she pushes her friend Monica off the cottage. Monica falls and sprains her ankle giving Angelika an opening to call on Sergio's help but he declined saying he has to attend to his drunken wife first.

Later Angelika sees Inocencia back at Villa Santibañez she was about to throw her out again when Renato declares that he has appointed Inocencia as Angelika's female bodyguard.

Meanwhile Marimar pukes on Sergio, prompting him to carry his wife home. When Marimar asks Sergio why he didn't help Monica, he sagely replied: "Eh selosa asawa ko eh."

My take: Sergio is indeed falling for the lovely Marimar, despite his conviction that it is just for show...pero parang OA naman yung mga linya nyang mag 'ankla-ankla' pa! But then, siguro nga lasing lang sha....naging so deep sa alak...

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