Monday, September 24, 2007

Episode 20

Season 1, Episode 20 – The one where Marimar got lost

Angelika and Monica bring MariMar to a shopping mall. They go off shopping while Marimar waits for them near a mannequin.

Meanwhile Sergio goes back to the office to find a crying Innocencia. He asks her to take a break with him to calm her down.

When Angelika and Monica got back, Marimar is still waiting for them beside the mannequin. Angelika reminded Marimar that she must go and look for a present for Sergio to which she acknowledges but reveals that she does not have any money with her. Angelika gives her twenty pesos and she thanks Angelika for being so kind to her. She asks them to wait while she goes looking for a gift for Sergio.

As soon as she left, the two also left. Marimar saw a batik shirt and wanted to but it but found out her money is not as valuable as Angelika made her think. Soon she realised that she had lost the two and the mall will be closing in five minutes.

She and Fulgoso were walking but both do not really know the way back home. They met a group of men whom Marimar asked whether they knew where villa Santibanez is. They told her to ride in the van and they will take her there. Marimar declared that she will only ride the van if they also let Fulgoso ride with them but they told her that they will just come back for him. Fulgoso sensing that something is amiss started barking and baring his teeth. Now the men are forcing Marimar to ride the van when Padre Porres intervenes and offers to take her home instead.

Meanwhile Angelika and Monica are back and Sergio is asking where Marimar is who was supposed to be with them. Angelika said they lost her when she tried to run after Fulgoso. Renato suspected that her wife had a hand at this latest plot to get rid of Marimar and told her so. Angelika pretends to be innocent and Monica disappears to escape Renato’s questioning.

Sergio and Arturo take the van to look for Marimar but the van broke down again. They were walking when they saw Marimar with Padre Porres. They two embrace happy to find each other and thankful that Marimar is in the safe hands of Padre Porres. The kindly priest offered to take them all home but since there is no space left for Arturo, he must find other means to get back – to this Marimar handed him the twenty pesos, if it could help.

Safe back in their home, Marimar teases Sergio as he works on his laptop. Sergio told Marimar not to trust Angelika and not go out with her anymore. He promised to take his wife shopping one of these days. Marimar defends Angelika still naicvely thinking that they're friends. Ready for bed, there's a cute scene of the two praying together before going to sleep.

Quotables: Mall saleslady to Marimar "Naku maam, try nyo sa nagbibenta ng yosi sa labas, baka dun makabili kayo ng kendi." When Marimar asked where she could buy anything that is worth twenty pesos. At least sarcastic man ang sagot, magaling pa rin ang dating ni saleslady.

Marimar praying "Diyos ko wag nyo na po sanang magalit sa akin si Sergio kasi po pag nagagalit sha, lumalaki po ang mata nya." To which Sergio asks, "Gaano kalaki?" while enlarging his eyes.

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