Sunday, September 23, 2007

Episode 6

Season 1, Episode 6 – The one where Marimar tells Pancho and Cruz about Sergio’s Proposal

Marimar gladly accepts Sergio’s offer and returns home to tell her grandparents about the good news. Both Pancho and Cruz object to the marriage as the two have only known each other for only about a week!

Marimar cries and talks to Fulgoso how she loves both Pancho and Cruz but her own happiness should also be put into consideration. Pancho overhears Marimar’s sentiments and feels guilty about having had to hide the truth from her about her past. He convinces Cruz that should Marimar insist on this marriage, perhaps they should give in as she had always been an obedient child to them.

Sergio tells Renato about his marriage plans to which Renato, sensing Angelika and Sergio still having the hots for one another, agrees and offers his congratulations to his son. However when Angelika heard about the news, she was opposed to it and wanted to find out who is this person Sergio is going to marry.

Sergio and Marimar together with Arturo and Fulgoso go on a picnic trip. Sergio and Marimar cannot seem to get their hands off one another – always holding hands or embracing or even kissing one another like true lovebirds. Sergio knows he is only going to be using Marimar but Marimar is truly in love with Sergio.

When Marimar accompanied Sergio into the Santibanez mansion, Angelika sends her away again. Marimar runs back to her grandparents where Cruz forbade her from seeing Sergio again. However Sergio followed Marimar and had a long talk with Pancho and Cruz. In the end, he was able to convince the elderly couple that his intentions towards Marimar are pure and that he would never do anything to hurt her.
When her granparents relented, Marimar was so happy and she ran to hug Sergio who seemed to be contemplating on the gravity of the promise he had just made.

My take: Marimar has never tasted watermelons before and seeing her chomp it down in front of cutesy Sergio is hilarious. At least di sha pa-effect like most girls do on their first date...kunwari kimi kumain yung pala lafanggera in the privacy of their own homes! Mga hipocritas! Kaso lang Marianne as Marimar also gives off this - parang - abnormal mannerisms, she has to refine that or else mukha shang pang-mental instead of pang-Marimar! One word girl: workshop!

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